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"The Addicted Mind" podcast recording

Today I had the pleasure of recording an episode of "The Addicted Mind" podcast. Host Duane Osterlind and I discussed the disease of addiction as a brain disorder which affects our thought process, often leading us down the rabbit hole into negative thinking.

In the week leading up to my interview I binged "The Addicted Mind," and I have to say - I highly recommend it! Not just for people in recovery, but for people who are interested in how addiction affects the mind. Duane has very intelligent guests on his show, many of whom are authors. I found myself adding most of their books to my Amazon wishlist because I was so riveted by their interviews. Duane is a lovely soul with a beautiful, positive energy. He is a great host, as he is genuinely interested in his guests. He even listened to my entire audio book before our interview.

The episode should air in about 3 weeks. I will post a link here when it drops.


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