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Sobriety Migranes

My migraines get worse with each passing year. They are at the point where I can only lay down, eyes closed, with two headache cooling patches adhered to my forehead. To even open my eyes for a second results in a throbbing ache behind one eye. The pain is incurable. I OD on over-the-counter medication, shaking from the caffeine, afraid I am going to have a heart attack. It doesn't even dull it. I nap. When I wake up the pain has shifted to the back of the other eye. I've lost two days now. I've tried Imitrex and Relpax, but they make me feel like my head is being squished by a vice. Frova is $100/pill. I've had MRI's. "Nothing is wrong." I can't even blame it on alcohol or drugs. I can touch the place behind my eye, on my temple, where the pain emanates from. I want to stab myself in the head with a needle to relieve it... Back to the doctor I will go, to try another prescription...


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