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reel shoot

I realize this is my author page, yet I write a lot about my acting career. Sorry about that. I'm a creative with two irons in the fire. I blog to sort out my thoughts.

Last week I shot a scene for my reel. This week I shot two scenes. Tim & I wrote the scenes together in the vein of "SVU" and "Law & Order."

I have recently learned that you have to have footage to match your casting in order to get seen for roles of that sort. So I got specific and identified the roles I would've been up for. I watched a ton on TV and looked for women in my age range who looked like me. Co and guest stars, because I don't have the resume to compete for series regular yet.

I discovered I look like a conservative republican, so I shot a scene where I play a Nancy Grace-like sensationalist reporter.

I also look like a medical examiner or doctor, so I shot an ME scene in a morgue.

Finally, I have the essence of a Deputy District Attorney, so I shot a scene in a conference room offering a plea deal to a perp.

Next up to shoot: a mom who's son has been found dead. I'm very excited to shoot this scene. This is a very frequently-seen role: victim mom. Having the footage that supports that I can play this role is proof to casting that I can compete, and will hopefully result in auditions.


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