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My third book is in the works!

Today I officially started writing my third book, tentatively titled "Letters from My Father" or "My Father, the Juggernaut." This memoir will be all about my father, and my fourth book will be all about my mother. I plan to market all 4 books as a series titled, "Portrait of a Dysfunctional Family." I mean, if I saw that I'd buy it. Everyone has a dysfunctional family, right? We can all relate.

I think it's important for me to note that there's truly no better feeling than the comfort and ease I feel when I'm writing. Perhaps it's because when I am writing I am being honest, and having to put my truth into cohesive sentences is freeing and raw. Maybe it's because I am 100% in control of what goes on the page, and that creative freedom is empowering. Perhaps it's because I feel like what I'm writing is identifiable and that makes me feel closer to my readers. Perhaps it's because I am meant to write, and so I feel aligned with God's will... I think all of the above.

I have to get back to it now. I can't wait to share this creation with all of you.

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