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"My Father the Juggernaut" Progress

By binge-writing once a week I am happy to report that I am currently 84 pages into "My Father the Juggernaut."The writing of this book has not been as flow-y as "Rabbit Hole." I think because a) it's really hard to drudge up these painful memories, and b) I'm editing while I write. With "Rabbit Hole" it felt as though God wrote the book through me. It flowed and felt easy. It was also my first book, so the purge felt new and relieving. "Voicemails" was harder. It involved more "work." Certain stories flowed, but mostly I had to work to construct each sentence, whereas "Rabbit Hole" just poured out of me. "MFtJ" is proving to be the clunkiest yet. I wrote for 8 hours yesterday but I don't feel like I wrote very much at all. I'm spending more time thinking of how I want the story to appear on the page than I am typing. This is part of the process, of course, it's just new and different. I'm thinking in terms of the book as a whole - how it will flow - as opposed to just getting these stories down. Not bad, just interesting. I can't wait until it's finished!


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