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Here's what 9 years sober feels like...

It took a long time to get here, but I finally feel complete joy. I love my life. Anger is so rare, I am shocked when it peeks through. I am still working through deeply ingrained fear. I see God in everything. I ask him to hold my hand and guide me, and I walk with Him through each day. Every person who I speak to offers me a bit of God-given guidance. Every circumstance is a clue as to what is the next right thing to do. Everything I see, hear, and think is God steering me towards my goals. I align my will with God's and have faith that everything will be amazing if I continue with Him. I know that nothing will happen the way I expect it to. I relax into that Truth. I feel deeper happiness than I have ever felt. My capacity to love has increased exponentially. I embrace growth and change. My life is truly beautiful. I am beyond blessed. Thank you God and everyone for being a part of my story.


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