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Figuring it out...

I am so grateful for helpful friends.

I am working on the log line for the "Down the Rabbit Hole" mini series. This is what I have so far: Kate, a 32 year old struggling actress, embarks on the journey of recovery from drug addiction in order to avoid becoming like her alcoholic parents. Along the way she learns they had a lot in common...

This log line (which I am still playing with) will help me identify the through line of all 6-10 episodes. Then I can outline each episode. Then write the treatment.

Thus far, I have been writing the screenplay chronologically, with the intention that the mini series would cut back and forth between Kate as a child and Kate as an adult. I have great scenes, but hadn't decided where to put them. Because apparently I like to make things harder on myself by working backwards.

Now that I have a more accurate picture of the series as a whole I can work smarter.


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