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Conversations with God

I started reading "Conversations with God" last night. Actually, I started re-reading it. I started it the first time 9 years ago while drinking wine one rainy night. I don't remember any of it. It's very deep. It reminds me of "Ishmael," another great book about a man and an ape having a philosophical discussion. I underlined a lot of stuff. One thing that stuck out to me was: when praying thank God for what already is, because all of your dreams are already a reality. Don't pray for things to be because that is doubting that they will be and saying their being is up to chance. All that we desire if God-given and so, already realized. Our fear and doubt stand in the way of us fully realizing it. So this AM I prayed that way. I thanked God for watching over certain people, and for allowing me to be of service. I thanked him for my success and for taking away my desire to drink and use. For showing me his will for me and giving me the power to carry it out. It felt more powerful. I felt happier, less like I was begging for stuff, more like stuff already existed and I was thankful for it. I'm excited to keep reading...


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