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Aging into my character

Getting older is working for me. I'm finally aging into my character. I didn't know who I was through the eyes of casting in my 20's, I was in the awkward in-between phase in my 30's, but now, in my 40's, I am honing in on my niche. My grey hair adds wisdom, my extra face fat adds personality. I look like the woman who thinks she has earned the right to tell you how to do your job. That's cast-able.

It isn't the prettiest picture that gets me called in, it's the one that tells a story. Now that I'm past the age where I care about looking "my best," I can embrace the unique ways my face helps tell the story. It's not about me, after all. It's about the story (#audreyhelpsactors)

So, here's to face lines, silver streaks and not getting Botox. Let's work!


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