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I'm over halfway through writing my next book, "My Father, the Juggernaut." I'm single spacing it this time, as I learned double spacing looks weird. I wrote two stories/chapters today, and I think they're really good. Some days - like today - I feel very proud of the work I've done. Other days - like yesterday - I feel that I didn't accomplish as much or as good work as I'm capable of. Today, though, I feel very good, so I wonder what I should do to reward myself? I'm about to go to spin - which I love. Gotta spin this shit out. But then what? I can't reward myself with food anymore, and mind altering substances are also off the table. Last night I read for a few hours, so maybe I'll finish the book I'm currently reading. I don't like doing nothing so zoning out to mindless TV is not rewarding for me. I like homework, so I'll probably finish this book so I can do a one-minute review of it over the weekend. My how my rewards system has changed over the years! It's better now. Everything is better now :)


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