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Writing, No Matter What

Occasionally, I feel inspired to write. I love that feeling: excited, driven, in the flow. But more often, I write because I've told myself I am to write every day, no matter what. I do it because I "have to." Because writers write, and I am a writer, so I must... And what I have noticed is - the output is the same. The quality of my writing is good, whether I am inspired or not. The process doesn't care which comes first - the inspiration or the action. Most of the time I am not inspired to write, but I write anyway. Either way, I produce good work. Thank God, right? Because if I had to wait to be inspired to produce good work, I'd hardly ever write. This way - writing no matter how I feel (because feelings are ever changing) - I stay in the flow, continue to produce, and stay thankful for the moments of inspiration when they come.


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