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Writing day

Some writers write every day, but not me. I binge-write 1 day a week. Sometimes 2. I sit in my bed with my laptop for 8 -10 hours and let the stories pour out of me.

I both love and fear my writing days. They always begin with fear, "what if my writing sucks?" "what if I have writer's block?" "what if I run out of things to say?" I sit down and begin to write anyway.

As the words flow out of my mind and onto the screen the fear fades (but doesn't disappear), and love for this process expands. I am reminded that my fears are lies, trying to get me to stop before I start. I try to manufacture pride in order to replace the nagging fears that remain, but my parents voices in my head are louder, "You can't create self esteem, you liar. Just accept that you'll never be a great writer, write your stupid book and feel self satisfied, then die."

I self parent, or perhaps God says to me, "just write the truth." So I do.


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