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"Voicemails" is getting excellent reviews!

I am humbled. "Voicemails from My Sister" is receiving excellent reviews. Here is the latest (and no, I don't know this reviewer).

I can actually say this book has a wow factor that truly left me shaken. The book is well written and honestly there are parts that will break your heart when it comes to Kate's and Sibby's parents and how they deal or lack of dealing with their children. Mental Health is no joke and this book brings out the realness of what siblings and families deal with. This books packs a punch so deep within my heart that it broke for both ladies. If you are looking for true stories about real mental illness I highly recommend this book to you. This is my honest unbiased review that I am voluntarily leaving of my own volition. Phenomenal book give it a listen.

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Thank you so much!


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