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This is indeed a tomato plant

My beautiful friend Mary Kate told me a parable today that is relevant to where I so often reside, I'm sure others can relate.

A women plants a tomato seed. The next day she checks on it. Nothing. Slightly irked she retreats into her home. That's not a tomato plant, she scoffs. The next day she checks on it again. No plant. So she digs into the earth to check on the seed. You're not a tomato plant, she scolds the seed, before frustratedly recovering it with earth. The following day she stomps out to her garden and sees a small sprout has broken through the dirt. THAT'S NOT A TOMATO PLANT! She bellows, as she rips it out of the bed.

I must trust that planting the seed is my only job, and that God and the Universe are taking care of the rest.


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