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The tomato plant is budding

Jean McCarthy, host of the popular addiction & recovery podcast "The Bubble Hour" has invited me on as a guest! Our interview is scheduled for the 24th. I'll post the air date ASAP.

Speaking of podcasts, Sean Hedden, host of "A Power Greater Than" left "Down the Rabbit Hole: A Memoir of Abuse, Addiction & Recovery" this absolutely beautiful review on Amazon:

I was lucky enough to speak to Kate Russell on my podcast, A Power Greater Than, where she shared with me her history of growing up in a chaotic household and her struggles as an adult trying to shed that trauma. This got me to read her book, 'Down the Rabbit Hole: A Memoir of Abuse, Addiction and Recovery'. As someone who speaks to a lot of writers and reads a lot of books on recovery, this one stood out because of its brash, honest yet funny look at a dysfunctional family and how visceral memories of dysfunction can stay with us into our adulthood, and without facing those demons of the past, it can be very hard to move forward. Russell makes this an easy read, even with the rough subject matter of drug use, alcoholism, and abuse that consumed her life, she navigates with witty, sometimes hysterical prose that vividly gets into the mind of a child/adult/victim. Ultimately, Russell brings light to the darkness, and shows us how anybody can recover.

Finally, Donna Kelli, who appears in the "DTRH" trailer (out soon), in her infinite generosity, put me in touch with her friend, TerriLee Ryan, a radio host on KGAY in Palm Springs, after TerriLee expressed interest in "DTRH." There is talk of appearing as a guest on her show, as well.

Thank you God for showing me what the next right thing is to do and giving me the power to do it. I see your clues, guidance, opportunity and direction in all things. Amen.


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