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The God Perspective

An impatient young woman drives behind a slow-moving car on a single lane street in a no passing zone. "Come on!" She yells out loud, alone in her car. She is "late," and the driver of this car ahead of her is making her late-r. She lays on the horn. The car in front of her pulls over, allowing her to pass. Annoyed, she floors the gas pedal and swerves around the car, glancing with a scowl at its inhabitants. An elderly couple. 'Of course,' she scoffs to herself. They wave and smile and she speeds away.

The same scenario from a bird's eye view: God's perspective.

A old married couple are driving home from visiting their children and grandchildren. Using the 25 MPH speed limit as a welcome excuse to appreciate the scenery, they take in the leaves changing color on the trees, as winter is approaching. Holding hands and smiling, they lovingly praise their family, expressing gratitude for all they have. A car honks at them from behind. Noting the angry expression on the driver's face, they pull to the side of the road and wave in apology. The driver of the car - a clearly stressed young woman - gives them the middle finger as she veers around them and peels away. Momentarily upset by this, they squeeze each other's hands, then resume their conversation, switching the topic to Christmas planning.

I try to look at things from God's perspective. When I feel like a failure, or listen to the haters in my head, I try to step back and look at myself from God's perspective: a sober woman who has overcome unthinkable trauma and continues to follow her dreams. A smart, insightful girl with drive and determination. A great girlfriend, a wonderful dog mom, a reliable friend.

Thank you, God, for the ability to see from your perspective.


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