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The God Path vs. The Diseased Path

There are two lanes in your brain: The God Path and The Diseased Path. The God path is the good path, the positive way of thinking. In order to take this path you seek His guidance. (I can hear the haters now, scoffing at how sobriety has turned me into a Bible-banger.) But it's quite simple. You seek Divine inspiration. Humbling yourself, you ask for direction. And if you are open, you will see stimulus in all things. For example: I ask in my morning prayers for God to show me what the next right thing is to do to promote my book. Throughout the day I am given ideas: People I respect offer advice, which prompts me to take action that I wouldn't have thought of on my own. I am sent an email from another author's email list. On another day, I might've automatically deleted this "junk mail," but on this day I decide to open it, and it contains a link to a writing contest, which I decide to enter. I receive a response from a publication I've reached out to offering to write an article on "Down the Rabbit Hole." Things are moving in a positive direction towards good, because I have sought good.

The diseased path is the bad path. The negative way of thinking. In order to take this path you deliberately exercise the worst parts of yourself, rejecting outside help. In other words, you let your ego run the show. You go towards the devil (again, I'm not in organized religion. Just using "devil" as an image). You are closed to others, and to Divine inspiration. You keep thinking you know it all. You burrow into the rabbit hole of negative thoughts, and the deeper you dig, the more you believe your own bullshit, and the harder it is to climb out of once you've decided you can't live like this any more. ('Your bottom is where you stop digging'). You can't see the good that is being laid out in front of you, through people, circumstances, happenstance, because you have deliberately turned yourself off to it. You are sure you know best. On these days you are angry, frustrated, impatient, unkind. It is lonely down this path. It leads to insanity and death.

Every day I choose to take the God path in my mind. And every day I see more revelations. The more open I become, the more I recognize motivations and influences in and through everything.

My point is this: Choose the God path. It's way better.


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