Shooting A Trailer

We are in the process of shooting the trailer for "Down the Rabbit Hole: A Memoir of Abuse, Addiction & Recovery." I cast it through Actors Access, and discovered I really like the casting process ~ I wanted to give everyone the roles. The girl I cast for Kate age 5 is in Chicago, so I am directing her mom on how to shoot what I envision. She's being a real trooper, continuing to reshoot based on my notes. We shoot the party scene with Kate age 17 on Thursday. I'm waiting for the breakdown to come out for extras. I had thought it would come out today, as I submitted it yesterday, but it's the end of the business day and it hasn't been approved yet. Hopefully I can get 8 agreeable actors to show up. I'm trying to enjoy the process and not stress, because stress is my default mode. I am so grateful to Tim for helping direct and edit. Fingers crossed this turns out like my storyboard. Take my stress, God, and replace it with gratitude and joy.

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