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Quitting & Addiction

The day after we put our dog to sleep I made the impulsive decision to quit smoking. 'He died of lung cancer. That's a sign from God that I should quit smoking or I might be next.' I threw away my cigarettes and started going to Nic A meetings. I shared that I was new and got phone numbers. And then addiction happened.

'I don't think I really want to quit smoking,' the addicted part of my brain said. 'I mean, I only smoke one a day, and I still like it...'

Justification. Reasoning.

'It's my only vice!'


'Why do I have to quit on the first try? Most people don't.'


'I'm sick of doing everything right. I deserve something that I enjoy!'


... But the thing is, even though I see addiction winning, I don't want to fight it. I still want to smoke.

And that, my friends, is addiction.


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