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Progress is not without its Hindrances

I've been going through the "DTRH" screenplay, adding visual details and deleting or clarifying details that don't translate visually. I've got 221 pages so far. My screenwriting teacher asked why a mini series vs. a movie? B/c there's enough story to fill a mini series. I'd hafta force it into 2 hours. This way it won't feel rushed.

I've been toying with putting down the script and working on "Voicemails From My Sister" again. Not because I'm inspired, but because I've felt self-doubt re: "DTRH." I still feel inspired to work on "DTRH," though, and I believe in following my instincts, so...

Having enough time to work on my writing every day has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I am now able to pursue my creative goals without any excuses. A curse because self doubt has entered the picture. What if all of my work is futile? (It's not). What if it amounts to nothing? (nothing by who's standards?) What if I'm not good enough? (I don't really believe this - but the haters in my head do).

I know I must push on, past the negative thoughts. The antidote to depression is action.


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