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I rewatched "Moonlight" a few nights ago, and last night I finished reading the screenplay. It's such a simple story, told in 3 stages of one man's life, with 3 actors playing the same character at different ages, just like "Rabbit Hole." Then I read an article about selling a screenplay that said a treatment might not even be necessary. It emphasized that the script itself is the most important factor. These God shots helped me realize that I have not been working in futility. It was another reminder that I should always trust my instincts. My God-given, God-directed instincts lead me to each day's creative endeavors, and they've been consistently leading me to working on the "Rabbit Hole" mini series script. Instead of second-guessing and doubting myself, thinking I'm doing things wrong (honoring the haters in my head), I should trust myself and keep moving forward. Amen.


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