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Log lines: a bunch'a nonsense

I truly believe God puts things in our path. People speak and say exactly what I need to hear. I watch something that inspires me to take creative action. An experience clears away the fog to help me see the next right move.

Today I listened to the podcast "Scriptnotes" for the first time. I scrolled through some episodes (of which there are over 400!) and settled on one about log lines. Then I got in the shower, where I couldn't hear the episode. I got out and blow-dried my hair - so I still couldn't hear what was being discussed. Finally, about 25 minutes in, I started listening... at exactly the right time. "Log lines are for suckers," one of the hosts said. He went on to explain that, although log lines are necessary, they aren't the determining factor in someone deciding to read a script. Ultimately, they're not that important. In other words - don't stress yourself out about them.

I needed to hear this, as my logical brain still argues that I should spend more time perfecting the pitch for the "DTRH" mini series and less time on the script itself. Whereas my creative brain argues that perfecting the script is more important. I know ultimately both are important, but I appreciate when someone gives me permission to stress less. I need that in order to relax and enjoy the whole process.

So, time to write...


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