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An Essay on Fathers & Daughters

I ask God to show me what the next right thing is to do to promote my book... ... and he gives me this:

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for an anthology of essays by new, diverse writers on father-daughter relationships

Daughters’ relationships with - or without - our fathers affect us for better and for worse. Often, these relationships are too complex, difficult, and private to discuss, so these essays should be explorations of how we keep what we need and let go of what we don’t to become who we want to be. 

These essays should be thoughtful, deeply personal stories that reflect the learning one has acquired over time, with a clear message.

I couldn't wait to start writing. It can't be previously published work, so I used chapter 61 of "Down the Rabbit Hole," "Boundary Setting," as a jumping off point. Although, there is so much to say about my father, I could've started from scratch. I'll post if my essay gets accepted.


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