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"Down the Rabbit Hole" audio book

I recorded the narration for "Down the Rabbit Hole: A Memoir of Abuse, Addiction & Recovery" back in March/April. Recording at night, when there was no noise, I taught myself Garage Band and futzed with the levels to pass all of the ACX tests. I submitted the finished project in April. ACX ( was running behind due to an influx of audio books being submitted at that time. (I guess everyone was using Covid as an opportunity to record and publish their audio books.) Usually it takes 14 days to hear back on if your book has passed or not. 90 days later they got back to me - my project had been rejected on the grounds that there was too much ambient noise. So, here I go, back to re-record. This time in my bedroom, with a blanket over the window, a new mic and a mic screen. I will teach myself Audacity (the preferred voice recording program for audio books). I will record at night again. Hopefully my neighbors will not sleep with their air conditioners on... I will do a sample chapter tonight and send it to my beautiful friend, LeeAnne, who does narration for a living. She will quality check it and let me know if the ambient noise is still audible. I guess I'l just chock the first recording up to experience. I thank God for having the time to do this.


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