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Creative and spiritual time management

I've always been great at time management, so I thought I'd share how I break down time for creative and spiritual pursuits. This is just my daily to do list. Yours might have different endeavors on it. Either way, the time breakdown can work for you. Yes, it might mean getting up earlier or skipping sitting on the couch watching a movie. That's the discipline that will lead you to fulfillment. Remember, there are no lazy olympic athletes.

1) 1 hour/day: Writing. Writing is active. It does not mean watching TV, reading or thinking. It means writing scripts, books, loglines and outlines. (This blog doesn't count).

2) 1 hour/day: Exercise. OK, I haven't been doing this every day recently. But, in normal times this is 5 days/week. Sweat so hard you have to shower immediately.

3) 1 hour/day: Recovery. Right now I'm going through the steps again, so today I wrote on step 1 for an hour. Yesterday this hour was a meeting. Somedays it's talking to another person in recovery.

2) 15 minutes/day: Meditation. Guided mediation, a mantra, focus on breathing, visualization. Then journal about what came up.

3) 15 minutes/day: Bible. I read, then journal on the stories and lessons.

Now here are the real secrets:

1) Don't think about it, just do it. If you start to think about it, you'll start making excuses as to why you can't do it. JUST DO IT. Turn your brain on when all of the above is done. Your brain wants to sleep in anyway.

2) No days off. If you start taking days off, you'll start making excuses to take more days off. Once you're in the flow, you'll start looking forward to it.

3) No excuses. Stay up later, get up earlier, skip something else. Make the time. NO excuses.


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