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Creating my package

I am in the process of shooting footage for my reel and getting headshots to match, in order to create a complete "package" for my agents to submit.

There are many co and guest start roles that I am right for on procedurals. So, I am shooting scenes in the vein of an "SVU"-like procedural

I will be playing:

1) a mom who finds out her son has been killed

2) a medical examiner giving information to the detective series regulars

3) a Deputy District Attorney offering a plea deal to the suspect

The process of getting specific has been quite empowering. I watch a ton of TV and find myself in co and guest star roles. I transcribe those scenes, then rewrite them.

I learned this process through listening to the podcast Audrey Helps Actors. (I cannot recommend this podcast more highly.) It has worked for numerous guests on her show.

Narrowing down the exact roles I would be cast in, then shooting the footage that shows that, and getting a headshot to match.

The scenes are 1-page in length. They're not gonna watch more than a few seconds anyway. No need to spend more time, energy and money than is necessary.

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