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But, like, how do I get this made?

I am a good ways into adapting "Down the Rabbit Hole" into a mini series, so I believe I am at the point when most writers start asking, "but, like, how do I get this made?"

I have reached out to a few friends in pre-production and in the writing-as-a-career world, and am reading a book that has some pointers, but this is the part that gets in my way. I can write all day. I can churn out tons of content, but how do I get it in front of potential buyers?

I went to film school. They did not even broach this subject (thus solidifying my belief that college is a huge waste of time and money).

Do I look for a literary agent? If so, should I look now, submitting just a treatment? Instead of focusing on completing the entire mini series script?

Do I go through the WGA? Register the treatment first? Or wait until the entire script is finished, then register? Does the WGA have resources to help assist in finding a literary agent?

I am open to any and all advice, so please feel free to email me.


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