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I've heard the term "branding" before, but never really explored it until my session with an image consultant last week. "There is nothing more important than branding when cultivating a successful career in the arts," he said. "What is your brand?" "... I don't know," I answered truthfully. "How would your best friends describe you?" "They'd say I'm smart and funny," I replied. "Ok, how would your sister describe you?" Oh God. "She'd say I'm bossy and that I think I know everything." "There we go." Taking into consideration my age, physical appearance and overall demeanor, we agreed that woman who thinks she's better/smarter than everyone was a cast-able brand that I should lean in to. Every audition should be fused with that point of view. My headshots (my number 1 marketing tool) should reflect that perspective. We act differently depending on who we're interacting with, therefore there are many different varieties of this stamp. For instance, friend who thinks she's better than her friends is different than doctor who knows she is smarter than her patients. This go-getter sits front and center in spin class so people behind her will be impressed by her. She is an effective salesperson because she knows you need what she is selling. "This is how you get casting to remember you," he went on. "They know what you do, so they know what to do with you." OK... next stop, a stylist to help outfit me in the correct wardrobe for this brand...


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