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Branded headshot prep

Getting specific.

I've been researching commercials to solidify my wardrobe for my new branded headshots. ~ The majority of "moms" wear a cardigan sweater over a button down or V-neck.

~ A flouncy blouse, matching necklace, earrings and soft-curled hair is common for 40-45 year old "girl's night out."

~ A high ponytail and form-fitting workout gear is standard gym attire.

~ A light blue polo is the helpful salesperson uniform.

My lens is woman who knows better than you, so I'm writing dialogue to have with the camera that supports that brand.

~ For my "mom" shots I'll start with a conversation with Darcy, my dog. "I love him, but he..." Loving mom. Hero.

~ Then I'll move on to wife who's husband has stolen $500,000 from her. "I was stupid to trust you..."

~ Changing wardrobe into my girl's night out attire I'm talking to my friend about her poor choice of boyfriend.

~ Then I switch to girlfriend who's perfect boyfriend is taking her on a dream date.

~ In my workout gear I'm the front-and-center spin-ner, who sits there so show off. "Try to keep up, bitches..."

~ Then I'm more calm and serene than you in yoga.

~ I show you to the right brand of paint for your living room at my job at Lowe's. I personally used this paint when I flipped a house (which sold for a $60,000 profit!)

~ I selfie myself being of service as a Helpful Honda person.


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