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Back to the Grind

I love the holidays, but I don't like taking time off. I'm not good at sitting still, so I fidget from December 21 - January 4. I can't shoot anything, there are no workshops, my agent's on vacation. Uh! I just want to work!

So welcome back, post-holidays. I missed you.

Today I celebrated the New Year by doing what I do best: being super duper productive. I planned the next 4 scenes I'm going to shoot for my reel. I have a cast, locations and production teams.

I also communicated with my image consultant for my next headshot shoot and emailed with my agent re: his picks from my last shoot.

Not only that, but I ran errands, went to a Zoom meeting, and meditated.

Nothing makes me happier than a well-earned sleep.

See ya next year, holiday vacation. I'm grateful to have 341 days to earn you.


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