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As if I needed a sign to motivate me to work on my next book...

Sitting in my therapist's waiting room today, I picked a book up off the shelf called "Families of Schizophrenics." The inner book flap of the dust jacket was being used as a bookmark, so I flipped open to the page it was saving and came across this paragraph:

"... some siblings of schizophrenic patients are reasonably stable and also highly sensitive and productive. A number of outstanding authors have had schizophrenic siblings, and some have apparently abreacted their traumatic lives in their artistic productions..."

I don't believe in accidents. I believe in God speaking to us through all things.

So, I will start making time to work on "Voicemails From My Sister," the follow up to "Down the Rabbit Hole: A Memoir of Abuse, Addiction & Recovery." "Voicemails from My Sister" focuses on Sibby. On her developmental disorders, frequent psych-hospitalizations, and the never-ending quest to find out "what's wrong" with her. How she is when she is properly medicated, vs. when she is not. The series of poor choices she's made over the years that have resulted in multiple arrests. But how she is ultimately a beautiful old soul who was dealt an unfair hand. Like "Down the Rabbit Hole," it is a humorous look at a dark subject. For anyone with a mentally ill family member.


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