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Analyzing Poop Dreams

I have a recurring dream where I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of a public place. Last night it was in the Greenblatts dining room, full of customers, in a commode... But that wasn't the embarrassing component. In fact, the act of using the bathroom in front of a crowd is never the unusual part of my dreams. I've actually had people in my dreams say, "no, no, it's normal. This is where you're supposed to go." The disconcerting element was the wiping process. Using a customer's newspaper, I quickly tried to clean, without exposing, myself. Trying to pull my pants up without committing a misdemeanor was the tricky detail. Then, back to waiting on the patrons I'd just pooped in front of, I went. As if it were totally normal.

Now, I'm not a dream analyst, but I'm gonna guess this repeated narrative means money is coming my way...


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