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A sneak peak of "Voicemails From My Sister"

"I’m coming clean about this now. I was the victim of a crime when I was 16, and mom covered it up. I was hit in the back of the head with a shovel."

"By who?"

"I still don’t know. Mom was the witness."

"Sibby, you know that's not true."

"No, it is true. I got an Xray at Middlesex, and the doctor even said, 'if your sister could see this Xray she’d believe you and know you need medical, not mental health disability. You need a nurse there to take care of you 24/7."

"Are you still working at McDonalds?"

"No, they fired me for a bullshit reason because I hadn’t gotten the car back yet and I was sick with something and I can prove it. Theres marks all over my body that just appeared and I don’t know what they are. They keep appearing. I don’t know if it’s bed bugs. So I have to go back to the doctor to find out."

"So how long did you work there?"

"Well, technically I missed my first day because I went to Middlesex and the manager fired me because he told me not to go to Middlesex and I did and he said, 'oh hell no, she’s fucking fired.'"

"Sibby, the manager of McDonalds didn't fire you because you went to Middlesex. He fired you because you never showed up to your first day of work."


"What's going on with Damien and the adoption and DCF?"

"Damien is not Mark's baby, it's the rapist's. I know because the cops came to my door and told me somebody came forth and admitted to being the rapist, so they arrested him and now he's in jail."

"What do you mean someone admitted to being the rapist?"

"He came to see me at the hospital when I was pregnant because he wanted to be tested for paternity."

"... Oh, for Christ's sake... who gave you those scrapbooks of pictures of Damien?"

"Jennifer. I lost them. Jennifer took them."

"Jennifer gave you scrapbooks of pictures of your son and then took them back?"

"Yeah... or they could be on the coffee table."


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