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12 Questions podcast

Today I was interviewed by Anna Valenzuela & Dave Yates for their podcast "12 Questions." Guys, it was so great! We chatted, as people in recovery tend to do, like old friends who've just met. The hour and a half flew by. If you've never listened to their podcast, I highly recommend you start. Though their questions stem from work in recovery, they are universal:

What does surrender look like to you? What has been the most insane moment you’ve had? How do you make decisions? What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned about yourself? How honest are you with yourself and others? What “defects” of character have you worked on the most? How do you experience forgiveness? What has been your most surprising amends/apology? What does your spiritual practice look like day to day?

What is your relationship with your higher power look like? What would you say to someone just like you? How do you experience anxiety?

And, although the three of us are in recovery, not all of their guests are.

The episode should air in a few weeks. I will let you know when and where ASAP. Yaaay!


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