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Down the Rabbit Hole


Kate, born to abusive, drug addicted parents, identifies an inner God voice when she is very young. This voice, and the support of her grandmother, helps her overcome her circumstances instead of falling victim to them. However, as she grows up she finds that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, and she discovers that she is an addict herself. Deciding not to go down the path her parents went, she rises above her circumstances again and chooses the path of recovery. Now eight years sober she shares how faith helped her continue to take positive action and avoid victimization every step of the way.

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Voicemails from
My Sister


In "Voicemails from My Sister" author Kate Russell explores her sister Sibby's Bipolar Schizoaffective disorder through true stories that illustrate the disease and how medication both helped and hindered its progress.

From her mother's drug use during pregnancy, which led to an incomplete diagnosis, to Sibby's current mental status, as a 37-year old ward of the state, Kate breaks down her sister's disease by highlighting events that contributed to the uprise and decline of her well being.


Both heartbreaking and hilarious, Kate recounts true tales of her sister over the years, painting a picture of a unique, lovable victim of circumstance. Touching on their parents addiction, narcissism and neglect, Kate illuminates how their family's denial and unwillingness contributed to Sibby's disorder.

A must read for anyone with a history of mental illness in their family, this quick read will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. Ultimately, you will fall in love with Sibby and be left rooting for her healthy recovery.

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Down the Rabbit Hole:

A Memoir of Abuse, Addiction and Recovery

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Kate Russell

I am Kate Russell, author of "Down the Rabbit Hole: A Memoir of Abuse, Addiction and Recovery." I live in West Hollywood, CA with my Westie, Mr. Darcy the 2nd. In addition to writing I am also an actress and have appeared on stage and TV, and in films and commercials. My voice can also be heard in various radio spots and audio books.  

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