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Outline for "Voicemails From My Sister"

Sibby plays a minor role in "Down the Rabbit Hole," as I knew the sequel would be about her. "Voicemails From My Sister" is a memoir about growing up with a schizoaffective sister.

Each chapter will start with a voicemail from Sibby in whatever state of mind the chapter that follows has her in.

1) Mom drank, used cocaine, smoked cigarettes while pregnant with Sibby

2) mom's drunken brainwashing - Buddha is your father, Ed isn't your real father, your sister is the enemy

3) Sibby's ADHD diagnosis at 5 years old, Ridalin

4) Yale New Haven psych ward at 7 years old, padded room. Lyme disease.

5) I took Sibby to Al-Anon, where she reaches for a 3rd donut. We go to the Athenian with cousins & she wants a meatloaf dinner. I laugh b/c I'm high and say no b/c I'm paying and $12 is a lot (we were all getting small snacks). I didn't realize she was hungry b/c mom wasn't feeding her.

6) Sibby enrolled in alternative school b/c she risked being held back another year of high school. This "school" is 9 ppl of various HS ages who walk around Middletown with a chaperone smoking cigarettes and looking for cans to recycle.

7) Sibby starts smoking pot. Mom abandons her all the time. Freezer stocked with Celeste pizzas, only Coke in the fridge. Dad lives at Gumma's.

8) Divorce finalized. Mom moves into Bixby st. house, Dad moves back with Sibby. She leaves door open and heat on 80 while he's at work. Out all night with delinquent friends.

9) Dad kicks Sibby out. She is homeless, begging for money on the street. I help her find an apartment, move her in, help her get a job. She moves to NYC the next day, abandoning her stuff. No one hears from her for a year. I find out later she's been couch-surfing in NY, "working" at her friend's costume shop.

10) Sibby comes back to CT, gets on disability & section 8

11) Schizzoaffective diagnosis (23 yrs old), Risperdal, Seroquel, Abilify

12) rape, pregnancy, CVH, Haldol

13) gives baby up, back on Abilify


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