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Evidence, not Coincidence

I haven't written a blog post in a week because my beautiful West Highland Terrier, Mr. Darcy II, fell very ill after chemotherapy and we had to put him to sleep early Monday morning. I wrote about Darcy in chapter 34 of "Down the Rabbit Hole." I wrote about how angry I was that my father taught me to mistreat our dachshund, Schuylar, when I was a kid, and how I made a daily living amends to my late boy by being the best doggie mommy in the world to Darcy. Tim and I spoiled Darcy more than grandparents spoil their human grandkids. He was our whole life.

But since Darcy's passing we have been receiving signs that his Spirit is still with us. It started when Tim and I got home from putting him down. We tried to get some sleep, and both of us heard Darcy's panting. He panted when he was happy, and both of us could hear his smiling angel face looking at us in bed, just as he did when he was alive.

The following night, more signs. We turned on "Resident Alien" (the first non-Darcy- mourning activity in 48 hours) and a female character said, "Hi, I'm Darcy." Our mouths dropped open, we turned to each other and exclaimed, "OH MY GOD!" But that was only the beginning.

The show continued and it was like Darcy was writing the script from heaven. Some flash-scenes took place in New Mexico. "Resident Alien" takes place in Colorado, but Darcy loved road trips to New Mexico! We had just been talking about them! Then, a line about a mother's love reuniting her with her baby - WHAT!?!?! A mention of a catheter - Darcy had had catheters in him all week! The character Darcy took on a fake Russian accent - our Darcy bit a Russian woman once and growled at many others. The clues continued into commercial breaks - lung cancer commercials! Darcy died of lung cancer!


Today, while listening to a podcast, the host called her guest a squishy muffin face - WE CALLED DARCY SQUISH, MUFFIN, AND FACE!!! This host has never said those words on her podcast before. It's not like they're her terms of endearment for all of her guests. I've listened to every episode of every season of this podcast and she's never said any of those affections before!

THEN, tonight, because we had been silent for a few minutes on our computers, Darcy's leash randomly and without incentive fell off the coat stand! WHY WOULD THAT HAPPEN??? Because we hadn't talked about our boy for a few minutes! Just like when his body was here, if we went just a few short minutes without acknowledging him, he'd whine!

There were even more examples, but you get it.

If I hadn't been a believer in the workings of God or the Universe before all of these signs, I certainly would be now. There are no coincidences. There are signals from a force more powerful than we can ever imagine. Thank you God. And thank you Darcy for letting me know you are still with me.


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