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20 pages in...

I'm 20 pages (approx. 5 stories) into "Voicemails From My Sister," and am committed to writing every day. I don't have to write a lot, but I have to write something. On days I have more time, I write more, but on days filled with activities, I make sure I'm at least writing a little. I'm quite proud of how it's turning out so far. I'm getting to know my own voice and tone, as it's flowing like "Down the Rabbit Hole."

So far it's been a fun, God-guided process. As if He tells me what comes next and I just write it down. Still doing my Prosperity Plan 11th step, so nurturing and strengthening my relationship with my HP every day. The more I do that, the more in sync I feel with Him. I put in the effort to get to know Him and He shows up. TY God for writing this book through me.


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